Advancing Innovation in 2K Injection Molding and Prototype Mold Services

Advancing Innovation in 2K Injection Molding and Prototype Mold Services

WOKA, a prominent player in rapid injection molding, stands out as a preferred choice for users seeking excellence in 2K injection molding and prototype mold services. A commitment to cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art facilities distinguishes WOKA as a reliable partner in the dynamic world of custom plastic molding.

Advanced Technologies

As a top China injection molding manufacturer, integration of advanced technologies defines the services provided by WOKA. These services cover rapid prototyping, high-volume production, and specialized expertise in 2K injection molding, positioning the company at the forefront of industry advancements.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Precision machines ranging from 55 to 650 tons, housed within WOKA’s facility, execute injection molding processes with speed and consistency. WOKA’s expertise extends beyond standard injection molding to encompass specialized services in 2K injection molding.

Minimizing Cycle Times

Customized presses for prototype molds and high-output production runs are designed to reduce cycle times. Dynamic controls and hyper-fast dry times ensure efficiency in injection molding processes, including the complexities of 2K injection molding.

Programmable Automation

The manufacturing process at WOKA is enhanced by programmable automation, optimizing efficiency and precision. This system seamlessly transports molded parts between synchronized rapid injection molding presses, especially in the intricacies of 2K injection molding.


Choosing WOKA as a collaborative partner opens the door to industry-leading expertise. As pioneers in the field, their dedication to prototype molding, automation technologies, and 2K injection molding processes positions us as innovators in custom plastic molding. Connect with WOKA today to experience a seamless journey from concept to production, where precision and excellence redefine industry standards.

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